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We get it.  Visiting an unfamiliar church can be awkward.  I mean, who are these people, really? Will I stick out like a sore thumb?  What if they’re a bunch of weirdos?

You should know straight up that it isn't nearly as tough as you think.   First, we’re a pretty laid back bunch.  No one will ask you to stand up and introduce yourself.   No one will probe into your personal history.  Someone might ask you if you want a cup of coffee or a doughnut, but who doesn't like that?  Honestly, we’re just here to worship and grow and we’re glad you decided to join us.

A quick heads up. If you've never been to Restoration before you should know that we’re located in an industrial park.  Driving onto the property for the first time can seem a little unusual.  There's no church steeples or stained glass, just some big industrial buildings.  Honestly, you get used to it.  And just like we are seeing lives restored, we are also busy at work restoring the property.  One day it's going to be very, very, cool.   Until then, we point out the fact that most things around here are 'unfinished.'  Just like us.  For first-timers we have a nifty map below to help you know your way about.  Check it out.

  • 9:30am
  • 11:00am
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What do we believe?

For that answer, check out our Who We Are Page.

What denomination is this?

We’re non-denominational. That means the people who call Restoration home come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Jesus is our foundation. Restoration is our purpose. Everyone is welcome. Even your uncle Ernie. I know, its scary, isn’t it?

What kind of worship do you have?

Good worship. Seriously. It’s really good.  We pour out all we have to Jesus for what he is doing in our lives.  At the same time we try to keep our excitement just enough in check that we don't tick-off neighbors and guests.  Come check it out.  We think you'll love it.

If I come, what should I wear?

Clothes. Definitely wear clothes. Other than that it’s up to you. Just imagine yourself on a Tuesday night eating wings at Bdubs. What are you wearing? That’s perfect.

What about my Kids?

Bring them. They will have a blast. We are a campus which means we use several different buildings. But all is safe and secure and you'll quickly find your way about. For more info on where children go check out our Children's Page.

I’m not a Christian. Am I still welcome?

Of course. You should know that we do talk a lot about Jesus. But you probably expected that. We’re a church, after all. At the same time, that doesn’t mean we shut down doubts and questions. Everyone here is learning, exploring, and discovering. If you’re just trying to figure God out then join the club.

Who funds this place?

We do. That is, all the people who call Restoration home. We’re not a franchise and we have no sponsors or official church affiliations. We have no ties to the illuminati.  We promise.  Everything we have comes from the financial commitments of ordinary folks who believe that Restoration is changing things and want to see that continue to grow.

Why don’t you look like a church?

There’s a simple answer to that. We moved into an old industrial park in a cornfield. Why, you ask, would we do a crazy thing like that? It’s simple, really. Restoration matters more to us than the traditional bells and whistles. In fact, we think some of that churchy stuff can get in the way. What really matters is Jesus, and how God is at work to restore everyone through him. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll build something that looks more like a traditional church. But honestly don’t see that happening any time soon. Our priority is people.