When Jesus told us to pray “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, He wasn’t suggesting we put that on our prayer list. He was telling us it’s our job to bring God’s will to earth. The heart of Community Restored ministry is “neighbors helping neighbors”. Wherever the people of Restoration Park live life, be it towns, cities, schools, work, parks or neighborhoods, we will make better. Currently, we provide financial support for a homeless shelter in Dayton, a nursing home for those unable to afford care, our own clothing ministry that clothes 1,000’s of folks in our region and beyond. More of our support goes to a community improvement organization in Clark county, Navigators effort to renew the spirit of Detroit, a Women’s network in New Carlisle, and Young life who are active in sharing Jesus and developing leaders in area schools. We also provide volunteers and leaders for 4 of those organizations along with two food ministries in Dayton.



ReStore is a God-birthed ministry that has grown from an overgrown garage sale to providing clothing for 1,000's of folks in need in our region and state. Want to serve? Volunteers are welcome in our ReStore warehouse every Monday from noon to 4:30