Philosophy (Be Restored, Restore Others)

  • To experience restoration through our finances. We see this as two parts: to see our personal finances restored and to use our finances to restore others.

Where does my money go?

Our house (Spirit Restored and Life Restored Ministries)

  • We are creating environments for people who come to RPC to experience restoration
    • Encountering Christ
    • Baptisms
    • Kids
    • Students
    • Men’s and Women’s ministries
    • Addicts
    • Bible Studies

Our Community (Community Restored Ministry)

  • We restore our communities through neighbors helping neighbors:
    • Home Groups
    • ReStore Clothing Store
    • Help for Haiti
    • Impact Bethel
    • Women’s Network

Our World (Nations Restored Ministry)

  • We restore the world through generous support to our missionaries:
    • Brazil (Haubner’s)
    • South Africa (McArthur’s)
    • France (Gwen Simonalle)
    • Germany (Murphy’s)
    • Nicaragua


How to Give


  • Electronic Giving
    • Give a real gift in a virtual way with secure, simple and flexible options, which allow for the scheduling of recurring or one–time gifts charged to a checking account, debit or credit card.
      • Give electronically with a smartphone. Download the EasyTithe application on either Android or iOS devices.
      • Give electronically from any computer.
      • RPC kiosk located in the commons area.
    • Transfer Stock
      • When giving appreciated stock, you will receive donation credit for the value of the stock on the date we receive. Additionally, you do not have to pay taxes on the appreciated value. If the stock has lost value, you can also receive an enhanced tax benefit. Before initiating any stock donation, please email
      • To give a year-end gift, all transactions must be initiated by the first week of December. The IRS requires all checks to be postmarked by Dec. 31.
    • Estate Giving/Legacy Giving