Home Group FAQs

What do home groups do?

Each home group has it’s own personality so what they do can differ from group to group. Some may focus on bible study, while others may have a bent towards helping their neighbors. For more information on our various home groups fill in this form, reach out to our Home Groups Pastor, or talk with a leader during our next Home Group Fair!

When do home groups meet?

Home groups currently meet on everyday of the week except Friday and Saturday. If you see a group that you are interested in or have any questions about home groups please email Chad, our home groups pastor at chadg@restorationpark.church and he will help you get connected. 

Our Mission – To experience life-giving community bound together in Jesus.

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Even at church it can feel at times like you aren’t truly known by those around you. This is why Home Groups exist; to encourage true community bound together in Jesus. All of us are on life’s on-going journey; why not walk it with friends by your side?

How do I connect with a home group? There are 3 ways:

  1. Attend our Starting Point class. Here you will learn more about home groups and how to get connected to one.
  2. Fill out the More Information form
  3. Email Chad Group.

Home Groups partner with Community Restored Ministries to serve people in their neighborhoods.


New Carlisle Home Groups

Paul & Nicole DeButy
Meet on Sunday evening



Cody & Katy Wright
Meet on Wednesday evening



Mark & Sara Debreceni
Meet on Thursday evening



Debby Allen
Meet on Tuesday evening



Cliff Wise
Meet on Tuesday evening


Springfield Home Groups

Randy Warner
Meet on Sunday evening



Andy & Lissa Lee (Hosted by Ken & Coral Spicer)
Meet on Sunday evening


Kristen Eisentrager & Lexi Crisp
Meet on Thursday evening


South Vienna Home Groups


John & Holy Hogsett
Contact us for info


Enon Home Groups


Tim & Janet Ogden
Meet on Wednesday evening


Dayton Home Groups


Jimmy Kellar
Meet on Thursday evening


Tipp City Home Groups


Mike & Kristine Stark
Meet on Sunday evening



Chad & Melanie Group
Meet on Wednesday evening


Troy (Vicinity) Home Groups


Dale & Janet Robinson
Meet on Thursday evening