Restoration Kids

Helping Kids grow into true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Children 0-5 yrs old

Drop-off/Pick-up in Building A, Entrance A2
Our typical Sunday? Kids singing worship songs. Everyone enjoying games. The Word of God being taught in practical ways. We use Orange Curriculum and love how it encourages "table talk" for families during the week. We offer a safe, caring, environment that's a fun-loving church experience for all the kiddos.

Kindergarten-5th Grade

Drop-off/Pick-up in Building B, Entrance B2
K-5 kids are cool. We respect that. So we offer a separate learning area for school-age kids to safely grow in faith. We start with an exciting worship experience and Bible lesson. Then we break out into small group classrooms for follow-up activities, crafts, and games. Every other month we party with a “Sunday Funday.” (We know, you’re jealous right?) It’s a big celebration of God's love with a dance party, games, snacks, crafts, in our Kids Stage area. Can it really get better than that?


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Will my child be safe while in your care?

Yes, absolutely. Safety is top priority at Restoration Kids. We background check and train each volunteer. We also have a rigorous check-in policy where every child is provided their own unique security code. This allows them to be linked to their guardian and remain accessible at all times. We also have a Deputy Sherriff stationed in our kids area during service times. If you have a special situation with custody or a safety concern, please feel free to contact our Children's Ministry Director, Kelley Berner.

Will they be taught the Word of God or is it all Fun and Games?

We have a lot of fun at Restoration Kids. However, virtually every game, activity, or craft project is designed to teach Biblical truth. We believe children learn in different ways, which is why it is important to teach them the Word of God in different forms. Hands-on projects, reading, videos, games, crafts, and spiritual conversations with trained volunteers all create a comfortable and effective environment for your child to learn.

Can my child go to services with me instead?

Yes. Your child is always welcome in our adult services. At the same time, we believe Restoration Kids is the most effective way for your child to make new friends and learn about God. If they are nervous about jumping in right away, you are certainly welcome to accompany them on a tour and learn more about our Kids ministry. In a short time, almost everyone tends to fall in love with it. We provide a warm and inviting environment that is just what each child needs to grow in faith.


Kelley was born and raised in Clark County, Ohio. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She worked as a nanny for 20 years before becoming Children’s Ministry Director in 2016. She lives with her husband and four children on their family farm. She has a strict “no talking” rule before she has her morning coffee, loves to go camping, and can usually be found barefoot or in flip flops. She has a heart for serving children.
Proverbs 22:6

Kelley Berner

Director of Children's Ministry