Day of Honor

Day of honor recognizes women recovering from addiction, abuse, and sex trafficking. We honor them with “make-overs”, nails, hair dressing, clothing, make-up artistry, a catered lunch, testimonies, encouragement, prayer, gift bags, and the love of Christ. We have connected with several organizations caring for women in the midst of trials and/or trauma. Through hard work, strong will and God’s strength they successfully rise up and conquer their circumstances. We think they deserve honor, recognition, and a little pampering.

How can I help?

  • Help with set up and/ or clean-up for the “Day of Honor”
  • Serve as a host and escort the ladies through their scheduled day
  • Prepare and/or serve the meal
  • Assist with clothing/ wardrobe
  • Use your gifts of hair dressing, make up, or nails artistry
  • Encourage, pray with, and engage our guests

What happens When I Serve?

You bless and encourage women who work hard to take back their lives back from abuse, addiction, and trafficking. One woman recovering from decades of addiction attended a “Day of Honor.” She left behind a hand-made placard for us - “Thank you for making me feel beautiful again.”

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