Family Youth Initiatives

FYI is committed to rescuing pre-born children, teens struggling in life, and young parents. By connecting young people with those who help them navigate their toughest seasons, they discover hope. Those who volunteer with us are usually trained as mentors. They typically give an hour or so each week to “check in” with their young mentee. They offer wisdom, encouragement, and advice to help him/her move forward. FYI now has offices in New Carlisle, Springfield, and Fairborn.

How can I help?

  • Mentor a young person who finds they are expecting (or already have) a child
  • Inform students on how to make good choices for their futures
  • Counsel school students or juvenile detention students on how to reach new long-term goals
  • Assist in the area of administration or data recording
  • Serve as a prayer partner, board member, or committee member for FYI

What happens When I Serve?

You redirect the course of a young person’s life and future.  Here’s proof:

“My family and I are very thankful for the help we receive from FYI programs. We appreciate how caring Family and Youth Initiatives was to our situation and for helping us thru classes, projects, and the baby bucks (earned credit used to purchase baby-care items) are an AMAZING help. Thank you again for all you do to help. My mind is a little more at ease with a crazy situation. You guys are angels.”                                                                         - Participant

“Honestly I don't know I what I would have done without FYI. They have become more like family than friends that have helped me become a better father to my children.”        - Participant 

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