New Day Meals

We join New Day Fellowship in their effort to serve a community of people who are marginalized. Some are struggling, some are homeless, but all are in need of the love of Christ. One evening a month we offer them a home cooked meal, “restaurant–style” seating, community, prayer, and God’s grace. New Day fellowship is located at 1045 East High Street in Springfield, Ohio.

How can I help?

  • Help us cook and prepare meals
  • Plate the food for guests
  • Serve at the tables
  • Sit with guests and engage them to any level you are comfortable
  • Wash dishes and clean up the serving area

What happens When I Serve?

You give value and love to people who feel unvalued and unloved. They are often forgotten and left behind by society. That’s tragic; Jesus told us to serve them. Meet Jackie. She is a full-time, single mom working in a school janitorial job. Her mission is to “keep my kids in school and out of trouble”. Jackie barely survives financially. The meal at New Day is the one time and place she can have a night off, go out for dinner, and spend time with adult friends. She treasures those nights.

 Anthony has become an active member of New Day Fellowship through the meal. He now serves in the church with a humble, gentle, and loving spirit. He has found a home. Anthony is a terrific artist who has created large murals in the church. You’ll get to enjoy his talent.

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