We provide clothing to anyone in need. We have given away as many as 1 Million articles of clothing per year. We do remote clothing “give-aways” (picture a massive rummage sale) in locations where folks are especially in need. We typically serve from 150-600 families at our give-aways. We also provide a caring, comfortable place for people in crisis to come and stock up on clothing. These clients include recovering addicts, sex-trafficked victims, prison released folks, foster parents receiving new kids, house-fire victims, etc. We see these God-moments as an opportunity to connect with, encourage, and pray for these new friends in need.

How can I help?

  • Donate nice clothing
  • Come “sort” clothing into gender/size/season [this is a daily party!]   
  • Engage and minister to folks in crisis
  • Help us serve the crowds on “clothing give away” days
  • Pick up clothing for us to sort

What happens When I Serve?

You meet immediate needs just as Jesus said in Matthew 25:36 - “I was naked and you clothed me”. Most people who come to reStore are traumatized in some way and need the basics of life. We recently had a women come to reStore who had just been released from prison. She had only the clothes on her back. Overwhelmed with gratitude for receiving a new wardrobe, she began to cry. “When I went to prison, I lost everything, but being here today feels like I’ve gained it all back”. Lots of hugs, smiles, and joy followed.

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