Victory Project

With Victory Project, teen boys find a group of loving adults who provide emotional, spiritual, and academic growth. Young men come to Victory Project every day after school. There they receive a meal, tutoring, discipleship, and entrepreneurial skills. These young men learn how to succeed in life. Victory Project is located at 409 Troy Street Dayton, Oh

How can I help?

  • Cook and serve an evening meal for teens aged 12-18
  • Mentor young men
  • Tutor students as they grow

What happens When I Serve?

You help change the course of life for young men living in greatly disadvantaged circumstances.

Meet Cody: Cody was raised by his grandmother. He was not attending school, he was unemployed, and had gotten into gang-related activities. After joining Victory Project, Cody received his GED and is now an advisor for Ohio’s Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative! Cody works for a home improvement business, has a family, and supports both his grandmother and quadriplegic brother. Cody gives God all the glory for the change in his life.

Meet Ashton: Ashton was raised by a single mother, he was in the court system, had below-average grades and poor school attendance. Since joining Victory Project, Ashton has graduated from high school and had zero re-occurrences with the court system. Currently, Ashton is a police officer.

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