Life at its root is something spiritual.  That means that real life begins only when our spirits are restored.  Jesus said, “The Spirit can make life. Sheer muscle and willpower doesn't make anything happen.” (John 6:63 MSG) We at Restoration Park Church believe spiritual restoration happens when we personally encounter Jesus.  This can happen in worship, teaching, prayer, fellowship, and faith.  SR ministry thus works to lead the people of Restoration Park into a personal encounter with Jesus.  When this happens  he empowers us to move forward in new life with new boldness.  

Ways we Encounter Him:

Worship:  At Restoration Park Church worship is the heart of what we do.  We dedicate a lot of time, energy, and prep work so that we can praise God with all that we’ve got.  Our worship ministry is made up of a group of talented musicians, singers, and artists who give themselves to making this happen.  Simply said, we love to worship our God.  If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved let us know.

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Teaching: Jesus said, “Every word I’ve spoken to you is a spiritual, and so it is life-making.”  (John 6:64)  At Restoration Park we are dedicated to sharing spiritual, life-giving messages every Sunday.  We have a team of preachers and teachers who deliver Biblical, practical, and spiritual teaching that applies to everyday life.  Our messages are designed to challenge and encourage everyone to experience spiritual restoration and grow in life and faith.

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Prayer:  Prayer is powerful.  It changes things and it changes us.  Restoration Park has a dedicated prayer ministry that works to accomplish spiritual restoration specifically through prayer.  We meet throughout the week and are available every worship gathering to pray with anyone who asks.  If you need prayer let us know and we will pray with you.  God moves when we pray!  Got questions?  Let us know.

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Fellowship and Service:  We believe that we encounter Jesus in several ways, one way is through connecting with others. Our spirits connect better with God when we connect with others. Worship is better, prayers are multiplied, and support is available when needed. If you choose, you can connect with people who sit near you.  Our worship area is divided into 4 sections. Each one has a “section leader” who can answer any questions you may have about Restoration Park Church, connect you with those sitting nearby, or pray with or for you.

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Arts and Tech:  It’s through encountering Jesus that we experience true life, restoration and joy.  Restoration Arts Ministry has a passion to open doors to encounter Jesus through creativity and expression.  Through our group of creatives, Restoration Arts seeks to open eyes and ears to personal encounter with Jesus. This happens through our teams of media folks (Audio, Video, Sound, Lighting), photographers, filmmakers, actors, dancers, and more. Interested in joining us or learning more?  Let us know.

Arts and Tech: